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Close protection service for foreign citizens

«Zheti Arlan» agency provides personal protection services for the foreign nationals, arriving to Kazkahstan. If you are a foreign citizen who is planning a visit to the Republic of Kazakhstan, do not hesitate to contact us.
Upon completion of all necessary procedures, required by law of the RK, we will ensure your personal safety from your arrival, till the moment of your departure from Kazakstan.
«Zheti Arlan» security services are not limited to the individuals only. We are well equipped to guarantee security for ensuring protection of the group as well. The contract can be signed for the extended period of time.
Our security services commence at the arrival lounge of the Almaty International Airport. A secured transfer will be provided to the place of your residence in Kazakhstan (hotel, private residence).
If necessary we will assist you with required arrangements for successful business negotiations.
We provide services ensuring the security of valuables.
Our services are available for the late night negotiations and during the leisure time.
We also provide legal advice. Professional lawyer and attorney will provide consultations on any legal matter, including matters related to your personal protection.
With us, will be ensured that you and your family are safe and secure at all times.

Our Services:

-Highly qualified, certified bodyguards for you and all members of your family.
-Personal protection services for VIP and children
-Professional attorney services
-Consultations of experienced and highly qualified lawyers
-Our interpreters will assist you with overcoming a language barrier
-Secured transportation services, with experienced drivers.


Our registered address:

The Republic of Kazakhstan,Almaty, Gogol street 75-62.

When you call, these phones will answer in English:

+7 771 401 0510

When you call these phones will answer in Russian:
Director Tel: +7 701 785 6652
Phone: +7 (727) 290-44-15 (Office Manager)
Fax: +7 (727) 290-46-02
e-mail: 7arlanpost@mail.ru
our website : 7arlan.kz

We are in the social network “Facebook” https://www.facebook.com/7arlan

When you call, these phones will answer in English.

The professional bodyguard Halmurat Imirov works with Mike Tyson and Dolph Lundgren




Left bodyguard Aleksey Polyakov (3 kyu green belt, Aiki-Jitsu) assists Dmitry Bogatyrev sensei (5th dan, Aiki-Jitsu).